About Gentle Threads

Gentle Threads is a luxury clothing and lifestyle boutique located in Lorne, Australia along the iconic Great Ocean Road. Our philosophy is built around a commitment to highlighting slow fashion and ethical manufacturing practices. We believe that fashion should be both beautiful and responsible, which is why we've carefully curated a collection of labels from artisans who create timeless garments and accessories made from luxurious, high-quality natural fibres. Our brand values align with those who appreciate quality over quantity and prioritise eco-consciousness in their purchasing decisions. We're dedicated to providing our customers with luxury fashion options that are both stylish and consciously made.


We are passionate about being part of a fashion industry that is putting the health of our planet into the forefront of the design process. Our aim is to educate, inspire and learn about the possibilities of natural fibres combining traditional techniques with new and emerging technologies. Gentle Threads operates under a slow fashion philosophy. Follow us on instagram to stay up to date with all things gentle.