Manufacturing & supply chain.

Supply chain transparency is not just a buzzword; it is the essence of accountability and ethics in the fashion industry. By demanding transparency from brands, consumers can ensure that their garments are produced in safe and fair working conditions, without exploitation or harm to workers or the environment. It empowers us to make informed choices, supporting brands that align with our values and contributing to a positive transformation of the fashion industry.

Below you can read about the wonderful people who produce our beautiful garments and accessories.

A person in a bridge position with their head out of the frame wearing merino wool socks, merino wool bike shorts and a merino wool top


Being active board members at the Council of Textile and Fashion (AFC), MTK are dedicated to fostering future growth. They've partnered with a.bch (among others) to create Circular Sourcing, a dedicated reselling platform for excess and deadstock fabrics.

With 87 years of experience under their belt, the Victorian mill showcases the exceptional quality of the local textile industry.

MTK manufacture the merino wool for our basics collection.

A person sitting on the ground stretching wearing merino wool clothing next to another person wearing merino wool clothing standing up

Lp Garments - Australia

All of their garments are sewn in-house, where they can directly guarantee ethical working conditions for their lovely passionate, and skilled team.

They are accredited through Ethical Clothing Australia

Lp Garments have constructed our basics range for us.

Two people wearing merino wool clothing and merino wool accessories

Otago Knitwear - Aotearoa

Their garments are all knitted in-house using whole garment and full garment knitting technologies.

Otago Knitwear have constructed our merino wool beanies, merino wool tops and merino wool jumpers

A foot fully visible wearing a merino wool sock and three feet half in the frame also wearing merino wool socks

Sock makers - Aotearoa

This unique family owned and operated business focus’s its time on design and development constantly developing knitting and design techniques to test the outer limits of the machines capacity with a dedicated design and development team. 

Sock Makers manufacture all of our socks. 

A person with a wool blanket wrapped around their waist wearing merino wool socks

Geelong Textiles Australia

Their weaving mill is situated the heart of one of Australia’s most historic wool and textile manufacturing regions. Their site has been home to manufacturing quality woollen fabrics since 1920, when it was established as the Geelong Returned Sailors and Soldiers Woollen & Worsted Co-operative Manufacturing Company.

Geelong Textiles Australia manufacture our blankets.

Upcycled deadstock denim and wool blanket hat

Merino International - Australia

We hand make select pieces using upcycled and deadstock fabrics in our studio in Lorne along the Great Ocean Road.

We strive to create and manufacture with the notions of a circular economy at the forefront of our design process.

A person sitting on a wooden step ladder wearing merino wool leggings and a merino wool cropped long sleeve top with a merino wool jumper draped around their shoulders next to a person standing wearing merino wool biker shorts and merino wool cropped tank with a merino wool jumper tied around their waist

Fox & Lillie

Founded in 1948, the Fox & Lillie Group is a prestigious Australian agribusiness, captivating the world of wool, aquaculture, and seafood trading. With an unwavering commitment to breaking barriers in the industry, Fox & Lillie connects wool producers, processors, and consumers through their knowledge and expertise. Their extensive network, built over 75 years, intertwines the story of the woolgrower and the end user. With integrity, foresight, and an exceptional team, Fox & Lillie has become a benchmark in the luxurious Australian wool industry.

Fox and Lillie supplied the yarns to MTK for our basics collection.