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Brisa (Translates to Breeze) 
Embrace the essence of the 70s with the Brisa Pants, where style meets comfort. Crafted from 100% linen, these pants are high-waisted for a flattering fit. Inspired by the summer breeze, these pants allow you to move with ease while keeping you cool.
Featuring front and back pockets for ultimate versatility. The embodiment of relaxed sophistication, they are a perfect choice for a casual sunset at the beach or a night out.

This collection draws inspiration from the designers recent travels to Central and South America, and is aptly named Flor Del Sol, which translates to "Flower of the Sun" in Spanish. The vibrant and exotic tropical flowers, coupled with the sun-drenched afternoons, served as the key influences behind the print design.


100% LINEN
Linen is easy to grow and demands little to no chemicals or pesticides, using minimal resources to form fibre. Every part of the flax plant is used when producing linen fabric, so nothing is wasted!
Linen is also fully biodegradable when left untreated, and feels lush against your skin on a summer’s arvo, post-swim or pre-dinner.

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